Ping Chong + Company’s artistic history is rooted in embracing otherness and excavating our human connections. Our unofficial tagline captures our values: “All islands connect underwater.”

How can we manifest these values in action? How can we foster the kind of compassion and empathy that encourage inclusion? How can we empower each other to use our voices, and how do we make others feel heard? What are the challenges we all face in creating art that bridges communities? Why is this work so important?

This blog is a space to engage in conversations around activating performance-based strategies to celebrate both difference and connection. Ping Chong + Company’s projects initiate dialogue about identity and the power of sharing individuals’ stories. Our series of more than 50 Undesirable Elements performances, as well as our school- and community-based residencies and workshops, cultivate those dialogues and transform them into action. Through each of these engagements, we grow and expand our community of artists and activists: the Ping Chong + Company Community.

 The PC+C community grows each year: it includes our associate artists, our teaching artists, our community organization presenters and collaborators, our participants in workshops and institutes, and our audiences and students. It includes you. Please join our conversation! Respond to posts here; send us a note at if you’d like to share your PC+C story; and find us on Facebook and Twitter.